The Virtual Director: 
A Correlation-Based Online Viewing of Human Motion

Jackie Assa, Lior Wolf, Danial Cohen-Or
To appear in Eurographics 2010 Conference Proceedings

User Study

Automatic camera control for scenes depicting human motion is an imperative topic in motion capture base animation, computer games, and other animation based fields. This challenging control problem is complex and combines both geometric constraints, visibility requirements, and aesthetic elements. Therefore, existing optimizationbased approaches for human action overview are often too demanding for online computation. In this paper, we introduce an effective automatic camera control which is extremely efficient and allows online performance. Rather than optimizing a complex quality measurement, at each time it selects one active camera from a multitude of cameras that render the dynamic scene. The selection is based on the correlation between each view stream and the human motion in the scene. Two factors allow for rapid selection among tens of candidate views in real-time, even for complex multi-character scenes: the efficient rendering of the multitude of view streams, and optimized calculations of the correlations using modified CCA. In addition to the methodís simplicity and speed, it exhibits good agreement with both cinematic idioms and previous human motion camera control work. Our evaluations show that the method is able to cope with the challenges put forth by severe occlusions, multiple characters and complex scenes.